Brahma Kumaris


Brahma Kumaris

Kerala Flood Relief

Any body wants to send any material like_ new clothing,raw food material, Medicines, drinking water etc. please contact ..
Bro. Anil ——— 9633000567.
Sis.Revathi —– 9880055011
Bro. Dharmraj – 9880055511.
Sis.kothai ——- 9842126874.
Many of BK Centres effected by flood are vacated and brought to safe BK centres. Many students family are also staying in centres.
Many Centres buildings are collapsed or heavily damaged. Seeing all the situations maduban has sent truck loads of material including clothing, food,water, Medicine etc.
Many Centre’s  brothers & sisters  and public are asking how they can help us for the flood relief.
If anybody wants to
Send money for the flood relief –
Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya
SB A/C  NO : 11142512697
IFS code : SBIN0010638
Bank : State Bank of India
Branch : PBKIVV branch abu
All BK Centres can officially transfer to above account for flood relief.
Gokul bhai accounts – 9414024028
 Karuna Dadaji – 9549991111
Jayaraj – 9414144057

Karunakar Shetty
Brahma Kumaris,
Vishwakalyani Bhavan,
Shantivan, Talheti,
Abu Road, Raj-037510
Tel: 9414153999/93999
email: karuna@bkivv.org